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Invoice Financing – Is It For Me?

Invoice Financing: Is It For Me? At one point or another, every business struggles with cash flow issues. However, businesses that process invoices instead of credit cards feel that struggle more than most others. If you're a business owner that depends on invoices, waiting for your customers to...

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What Is BitCoin?

What is BitCoin? Just when you thought you could pay for just about anything with cash, credit or Paypal, the world goes ahead and introduces BitCoin. You’ve probably heard of it, which is why you’ve searched for “what is BitCoin?” BitCoin, simply put, is a form...

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American Express Fees Too Expensive?

Are American Express Fees Too Expensive? Try OptBlue. Accepting Amex as a form of payment has always been a challenge. The American Express fees are substantially higher than those of Visa or MasterCard and often times it means that smaller businesses won’t even consider accepting...

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I Hate Paypal

I Hate Paypal “I hate Paypal.” These are words that we have read a million times or personally heard out of the mouths of many current clients. In fact, we hate Paypal too. Why do we hate Paypal so much? Check out what they’re doing...

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sic codes

What Is An SIC Code?

What Is An SIC Code? Often times you will hear merchant processing companies ask for a business’ SIC code. SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification. So, each business is given a four digit SIC code based on what industry type they fall under. SIC codes are...

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