chargebacks in retail environments

Chargebacks In Retail Environments

Chargebacks In Retail Environments Chargebacks are bad, plain and simple…no matter what type of business you operate. Normal refunds are a snap compared to having a card issuing bank dispute transactions on behalf of a customer. These are always a battle and can waste precious time and money....

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Social Media And E-Commerce

When e-commerce solutions were first introduced, they were essentially a competitive advantage for businesses that chose to embrace it. Now in 2016, it seems that it is almost a requirement for a business to thrive. At the present, we generate $2.4 million every single minute through...

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What Is Tokenization?

Tokenization - What Is It And Why Is It Important? Tokenization has become more and more important for both brick and mortar and e-commerce stores. With hackers seemingly running rampant nowadays, the importance of payment security has gone through the roof and thus new methods...

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