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MOTO – Mail Order Telephone Order Credit Card Processing

Short for Mail Order and Telephone Order, businesses that use a MOTO profile typically get the majority of their sales over the phone, or in the mail. Magazine subscriptions, livery services, and restaurants are some great examples of businesses that thrive in this sphere. These businesses tend to have to key in their customer’s credit card information as opposed to swiping a card.

As card not present transactions, these businesses handle more risk than a typical merchant, which is the primary obstacle for obtaining a merchant account. By offering the best solutions at competitive pricing, the latest fraud scrubbing suite, and a secure MID, Choice ensures that our clients are well protected behind multiple layers of security. Sign up!

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Our agents will work closely with you to understand your business needs and what type of telephone card processing account will work best for you.

Seamless integration with our products and services allow owners and executives to focus on driving sales and growing the business, instead of worrying over payment options. Choice Merchant Solutions offers solutions from tabletop hardware to virtual terminals and everything in between to businesses that meet your telephone credit card processing needs. Get started today!

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