Electronic Liquid Merchant Account

electronic liquid merchant account

Let Us Help You With Your Electronic Liquid Merchant Account

Electronic cigarettes and electronic liquids are becoming a popular alternative to cigarette smoking. Sold at retail locations, and on the internet, e-cigs and e-liquids allow the user to consume nicotine by simulating cigarette smoking without producing second hand smoke.

E-liquids, vape juices and e-cartridges with thousands of unique flavor combinations are now trending with legislation putting an end to smoking in restaurants and bars in many states. 

It has been a great challenge for business owners in this industry to obtain and maintain electronic cigarette merchant accounts and electronic liquid merchant accounts. Unfortunately  e-cigs and electronic liquid are now considered to be high-risk.

If you are new to high risk processing or if you’re looking for alternatives to your current processing solution, we can help! Sign up today!

Why Choice?

We at Choice understand the hardships these merchants face, and have designed a flawless solution dedicated to help them with the growth of their business.  With the guarantee of a SECURE MID, branded gateway with fraud barricades, 24-48 hr funding, and an assigned personal agent gives our clients the back end support they need.  Whether you currently accept credit cards or are interested in accepting them, Choice can help you with an electronic liquid merchant account.  

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