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Your Choice For A Debt Collection Merchant Account

A strong payment processor is the key to success in the debt collection industry.  Unfortunately collection agencies have been limited to growth due to problems that erupt with their debt collection payment processors.  Many have been terminated and have had funds held simply due to their industry classification code.  Others have been capped at a limit and unable to expand their businesses. 

We at Choice are all about growth and have experienced the frustration in obtaining and keeping a debt collection merchant account.  We realize the importance of our presence and provide the tools and technology necessary to take your business to the next level. Sign me up! 

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Why Choice?

Some of our benefits include 24-48 hr funding, dedicated gateway with the latest fraud scrubbing technology, personalized agent, and of course the guarantee of a SECURE MID.  In addition our very aggressive funding department provides our clients with the capital they need to grow in this economy. 

Choice has become an effective leader in the debt collection/recovery industry and will continue to be the industry’s preferred processor. Sign me up! 

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