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Our Services – A Merchant Platform You Can Build Your Success On

At Choice Merchant Solutions, our wide array of services help clients grow their businesses by providing a comprehensive and integrated suite of merchant applications. Whether you need domestic or international merchant processing, business funding, product fulfillment, chargeback dispute assistance, or affiliate marketing – no other provider offers you more a more affordable merchant platform that will deliver the best results backed by top-quality customer support.

Discover all of the ways we can help your business thrive below:

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Merchant Processing

The keystone of our merchant platform is our payment processing division. Merchant accounts allow businesses to accept credit and debit card payments. Whether it’s for an online transaction, in a brick and mortar retail store, or even on-the-go using a smartphone, a merchant account is crucial to a business’ success.

A merchant account from Choice Merchant Solutions is designed to help your business increase profitability — with lower fees to reduce operational costs and enhanced features to help increase revenue. Whether you’re currently using a less-efficient merchant provider, or you don’t accept credit cards yet, you could see a significant boost in profitability by using our merchant processing services.

Find out how merchant processing from Choice Merchant Solutions can improve your bottom line.

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International Merchant Processing

An international merchant processing account is optimized for accepting international as well as domestic payments. There has been a large shift in the global economy, particularly with the advancements in e-commerce and MOTO payments, and many businesses are looking to capitalize on this opportunity to grow.

In order to accept payments from international customers, businesses need to have a merchant account that is capable of handling those transactions.  Most importantly, an international merchant account from Choice Merchant Solutions can manage the complexities of international payments for you, like currency exchange rates, foreign regulations and accepting cards backed by foreign banks. An international merchant processing account from Choice Merchant Solutions will also provide your business with lower processing costs and enhanced features to increase revenues, both of which mean more profit from your global expansion.

Find out how international merchant processing from Choice Merchant Solutions can help you grow on a global scale.

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Business Funding

Choice Funding is available to help your business power its next phase of growth through capital investments. It can also be used to cover any cashflow shortages you encounter.

Whether it’s a merchant cash advance, business loan, business consolidation, or refinancing, our team has the expertise to guide you through these often complex financial situations. Our funding solutions are flexible and work for businesses in any industry, including restaurants, clothing, automotive and even high risk industries.

No other funding solution will give you lower rates, a faster approval and more flexible terms along with the best customer service. The team at Choice Funding will make sure your business gets the most out of it’s financing.

Find out how Choice Funding can get your business the financing it needs to sustain and grow its market share.

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Product Fulfillment

Product Fulfillment from Choice Merchant Solutions offers clients a sophisticated shipping and logistics platform that reduces operational costs and improves customer satisfaction.

Not only does Product Fulfillment from Choice Merchant solutions handle shipments with a guaranteed 48-hour turnaround time and dedicated support agents, but our industry-leading IT team is also available to help clients integrate their e-commerce platform or inventory management system for no extra charge. The end result is a scalable, automated fulfillment platform that can power the future success of your business.

Find out how product fulfillment from Choice Merchant Solutions can help you send more orders for lower costs.

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Chargeback Disputes

Our flagship chargeback dispute service, CB Dispute, protects your business from the lost revenue, disrupted cashflow and potential account termination caused by chargebacks.

With CB Dispute, our expert team will manage all chargeback disputes for your business. CB Dispute can get you a higher win ratio and keep more of your money in your bank account where it belongs. Also, by allowing our team to manage your chargeback disputes it can save you a tremendous amount of time — time that you can use more productively to grow your business.

Find out how you can stop losing extra revenue to chargebacks and get back your time to use more productively with CB Dispute.

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Affiliate Network & Internet Sales

Rounding out our merchant platform is Choice Media. The Choice Media affiliate network is the ideal way for your business to increase traffic and online sales – and for affiliates to earn top commissions promoting offers from compelling and reliable companies. No other affiliate network has a better commission structure for marketers and better returns on investment for advertisers.

The Choice Media network is a rare case where the incentives of the marketers and advertisers are aligned, so that they can work together with complete transparency and drive mutually beneficial results for each other.  Tapping into this powerful affiliate network has the potential to deliver remarkable growth for your online business.

Find out how Choice Media can help your business increase online traffic and sales, and how affiliates can make top commissions.

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