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At Choice Merchant Solutions, our wide array of services help clients grow their businesses by providing a comprehensive and integrated suite of merchant applications. Whether you need domestic or international merchant processing or business funding - no other provider offers you more a more affordable merchant platform that will deliver the best results backed by top-quality customer support.

The keystone of our merchant platform is our payment processing division. Merchant accounts allow businesses to accept credit and debit card payments. Whether it’s for an online transaction, in a brick and mortar retail store, or even on-the-go using a smartphone, a merchant account is crucial to a business’ success.

A merchant account from Choice Merchant Solutions is designed to help your business increase profitability — with lower fees to reduce operational costs and enhanced features to help increase revenue. Whether you’re currently using a less-efficient merchant provider, or you don’t accept credit cards yet, you could see a significant boost in profitability by using our merchant processing services.

Find out how merchant processing from Choice Merchant Solutions can improve your bottom line.

An international merchant processing account is optimized for accepting international as well as domestic payments. There has been a large shift in the global economy, particularly with the advancements in e-commerce and MOTO payments, and many businesses are looking to capitalize on this opportunity to grow.

In order to accept payments from international customers, businesses need to have a merchant account that is capable of handling those transactions.  An international merchant account from Choice Merchant Solutions can manage the complexities of international payments for you, like currency exchange rates, foreign regulations and accepting cards backed by foreign banks. An account from Choice Merchant Solutions will also provide your business with lower processing costs and enhanced features to increase revenues, both of which mean more profit from your global expansion.

Find out how international merchant processing from Choice Merchant Solutions can help you grow on a global scale.

Choice Funding is available to help your business power its next phase of growth through capital investments. It can also be used to cover any cashflow shortages you encounter.

Whether it’s a merchant cash advance, business loan, business consolidation, or refinancing, our team has the expertise to guide you through these often complex financial situations. Our funding solutions are flexible and work for businesses in any industry, including restaurants, clothing, automotive and even high risk industries.

No other funding solution will give you lower rates, a faster approval and more flexible terms along with the best customer service. The team at Choice Funding will make sure your business gets the most out of it’s financing.

Find out how Choice Funding can get your business the financing it needs to sustain and grow its market share.

Customer Support Services

If you need assistance, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-539-9116. Our Customer Service team is always looking after our merchants to best ensure their satisfaction and enjoyable interaction with Choice Merchant Solutions. Our team will provide assistance with every aspect of a merchant’s processing needs. We offer installation and training on your new terminal or POS system, walk merchants through PCI compliance requirements, answer questions about chargebacks and how to address them, as well as helping with any day-to-day issues that may arise. If our in-house team can’t resolve an issue, we will work with manufacturers and service providers until our merchant is satisfied. We are here to ensure our merchants feel respected and cared for throughout the life of their partnership with Choice.

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