International Merchant Account Requirements

International Merchant Account Requirements

Obtaining an international merchant account or becoming an international credit card processor can be a cumbersome process. At Choice Merchant Solutions, our qualified team will get you up and running quickly without any headaches. We have extensive relationships with our international banks which help facilitate approvals and allow for competitive rates. Our international clients enjoy the ability to process without restrictions in their industry in many countries and currencies.

If you are interested in becoming an international merchant and processing credit cards internationally, please view the requirements below. Ready to start? Apply now!

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Documents For New Applicants

1. Choice International Application

2. Past 6 mos processing statements

3. Corporate Bank Statement (3 mos)

4. Corporate Documents – Articles of Incorporation

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (signed by Director/ s)
  • Appointment of the First Director (signed by Directors)
  • Minutes of the First Meeting
  • POA (if applicable)
  • Declaration of trusts (if applicable)
  • Share Certificates (signed by Director/ s)
  • If the company is owned by the other entity, please provide the relevant corporate document

5. Passport (Color Scan copy)

6. Voided Check

7. A document which proves that the nominee has rights to sign the documents on behalf of the company if applicable.

8. Most recent utility bill showing proof of Legal Business Address

9. Business License IF required by law or for specific industries (i.e. ForEx, Gaming, etc)

10. Agreement with the original product/ service/ content suppliers (if applicable)

11. Set of the documents for each step of the transaction.

  • Invoices, sales orders
  • Agreement with the product/ service original provider
  • Agreement with the handling company (if applicable)
  • Order confirmation
  • The explanation how the transactions are being performed
  • Merchant business activity description
  • Test account details (if applicable)

Formation of EU Company Requirements

1. Good quality passport copy (color, real size)

2. Utility bill as a proof of personal address. (Not older than 3 months)

3. Personal bank statement (1 month will be enough)

4. Resume / CV

**Upon soft approval our bank will create the EU company for a $1,000 fee.

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Website Requirements

1. Proof of the Domain Ownership

2. Clear description of goods and services listed on site

3. Clear pricing and currencies of each and every product and service

4. Terms and conditions clearly stated online

5. Privacy policy on site

6. Contact details and location of business easily found on site

7. Customer service email and phone number listed on website

8. Times listed that customer service is available

9. Refund policy clearly stated

10. Shipping policy clearly stated on order page

11. Display Visa and Mastercard logos at checkout

12. SSL on all pages where customer information is collected

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