International Merchant Processing

Today’s customers can do business with companies on opposite sides of the world just as easily as they can as with the corner store. With credit cards setting the bar for payments everywhere, customers want and expect to be able to use them for every online purchase.

Choice has pooled together best in practice solutions for e-commerce, mobile, virtual terminals, card present and non-present, across all major credit card brands in multiple currencies, customers obtain fast and efficient pay flow design with high levels of automation, control, and risk mitigation – all at a minimal cost. View our international merchant account requirements and sign up today!

Creating and running a merchant account that processes international transactions has numerous additional challenges compared to one that only operates domestically. Currency conversion and varying international compliance standards are just a few of the issues international merchants face.

That’s why Choice Merchant Solutions created Choice International. Our industry-leading team of experts will make sure your merchant account is optimized to handle transactions from around the world, even if you operate in a “high-risk” industry.

Our International Merchant Processing Solutions

Accepting payments on tablets and mobile phones can give your business an advantage, especially if you don’t have a traditional brick-and-mortar location.

Industries identified as “high-risk” have extra challenges to operating a merchant account. Our experts can help you understand and get past these issues.

If you’re looking to take payments online, accepting credit cards is now the standard. Without this ability, your customers will likely shop elsewhere.

With travel being an 8 trillion dollar a year industry, whether you own a hotel, guide excursions, or charter flights, it’s critical that you take credit cards.

If The Card Is Not Present, Choice Should Be!

Our international merchant processing team can approve and board almost any company generating international e-commerce or mail order/telephone order multi currency transactions – international high risk accounts included. Our extensive bank relationships allow us to provide higher approval rates and competitive pricing.

Choice International offers an A to Z turnkey application and placement process. We will take you through the application, deployment, and integration process, as well as establishing your international business corporation if necessary.

Once you are live and processing, enjoy custom tailored solutions with real time reporting. See your charges, batches and even chargebacks as they happen. As a valued customer, Choice International can also manage your MID for growth. We tailor your volume caps with monthly deltas to accommodate increases in your processing.

So don’t wait – watch your business grow with Choice.