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Credit card chargebacks (also called “reversals”) are harmful to all businesses, regardless of their size or industry.  That’s why Choice Merchant Solutions created the CB Dispute chargeback mitigation service.  It ensures that your company collects all of the revenue it has rightfully earned, and at the same time eliminates the hassle and wasted time that comes from complicated and lengthy chargeback disputes.

At their worst, chargebacks take hard-earned money out of your pocket, and can even cost you more if they come with a penalty fee. Often a small number of chargebacks are still enough to disrupt your cashflow and business cycle when funds you needed (and had) in your account suddenly disappear.  Even if you are able to successfully dispute a chargeback, it wastes precious time that you could instead be using to productively grow your business.

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Our expert team will increase your win ratio, so more of your revenues stay in your back account where they belong. And perhaps more importantly, you won’t have to think about chargebacks ever again, so you can move on to more important parts of your business and your life.

New and Small Businesses

Whether you’re a small business just starting out, or you simply prefer to run a lean operation, chargebacks can pose a significant threat to your company. At this size every dollar matters. Even one or two chargebacks can turn your bottom line from black to red. Plus, with a smaller team, there’s already more than enough work to go around. The last thing you need is to spend valuable time tied up in long and messy chargeback disputes.

That’s where CB Dispute from Choice Merchant Solutions comes in. The expert team in our dispute center will monitor your account daily and fight any chargebacks on your behalf. And because this is their area of expertise, they will win them more often. Plus if this is your first time encountering chargebacks, our team will make sure to bring you up to speed about how they work, where they come from, and how you can prevent them going forward.

Mid-Sized Businesses

There are a lot of rewards that come with building a mid-sized business, but unfortunately one of the downsides is that as your revenues grow so do your chargebacks. However now in addition to costing you money and time, there is something even bigger at stake — your reputation.

Mid-sized businesses with a large number of chargebacks are more likely to attract the attention of their merchant processor. If you start getting too many chargebacks, not only does it make your company look bad, it could even cause your account to be closed! The expert team at CB Dispute from Choice Merchant Solutions has the experience necessary to manage chargebacks for mid-sized businesses. Not only will our dispute center monitor your account daily and dispute chargebacks on your behalf, but you will also get ongoing monthly reports and consulting to proactively address issues that could pose a future threat.

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Why Choice?

Businesses sign up for the CB Dispute chargeback mitigation service from Choice Merchant Solutions to guarantee they keep more of the income they’ve worked so hard to earn and remove the headache and lost time caused by complex and drawn-out chargeback disputes.  They’ve chosen CB Dispute…

…because no chargeback mitigation service has a better track record for winning chargeback disputes than CB Dispute.

…because no chargeback mitigation service will increase your win ratio more than CB Dispute while providing better customer service.

…because no chargeback mitigation service will save you more time and hassle than CB Dispute. Sign up with Choice now!

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