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Having a healthy financial statement is essential for operating a successful business.  But sometimes money is short, even for thriving companies.  Maybe you need to make a large investment to implement the next part of your growth plan, but you don’t have that much cash on hand.  Or perhaps you’re waiting for late payments on big client accounts to finally clear, and you need funding to cover the shortfall.  Either way, your responsibility as a smart business owner is to get capital to make sure you stay on track.

Whatever your situation, Choice Funding can deliver the business financing options to keep your balance sheet stable.  Whether it’s a merchant cash advance, business loan, business consolidation, or refinancing, our team has the expertise to guide you through these often-complex financial decisions. 

We say yes when the banks say no! Get started today!

Business Funding Solutions for Your Industry

The Choice Funding team has the industry-leading experience and knowledge to make sure that you get the best business funding option possible. Our business funding experts have mastered all of the intricate and complex aspects of the business funding process, so they can adjust even the smallest of details to ensure you get the right financing option for your company’s industry.

Business funding for everything from cashflow, to marketing, to advertising, insurances and renovations. Need funding to increase cash flow, increase marketing or updates and expansions? Use your capital for any business purpose. 

Business funding to increase inventory, manage payroll, increase marketing and capitalize on peak sales periods. The retail industry based on there constant need for inventory and cash flow is another top funder for us. Financing available to increase inventory, payroll needs, expansion and advertising. 

Business funding so you can invest in new equipment, offer more services, and drive additional profits. From car dealerships, repair shops, trucking services we can have you funded in as little as 72 hours. 

Get the right funding whether you’re in construction, manufacturing, transportation, or anything else. We offer capital solutions for almost all industry types across the US. We are helping more and more business achieve their goal with the capital they need in as little as 72 hrs. When banks say NO Choice Funding says YES!


We provide your business the working capital needed for strong growth. Our programs make borrowing money simple and quick without the lengthy application requirements generally associated with traditional banks. This means less paperwork and more time for you to focus on your business. It’s fast and easy – after all, time is money.

Don’t have a perfect credit score? No problem. We can help!

Our account specialists make the entire process easy for our clients right from the start. We work to achieve top results and preserve client confidence to earn your business now and into the future! Let Choice Funding help you today! 

Our Services


Get short-term business funding so you can keep your company running smoothly through temporary cashflow problems. We have a streamlined application process, and our funding program is designed to work directly through your current credit card sales, so you can get your financing quickly.


If you’ve used multiple business loans to enable your company to grow, but now you’re facing excessive interest payments to multiple lenders, consolidation can help reduce your costs and simplify your payments. It lets you combine your loans into one payment, to one creditor, usually with a lower rate!


Factoring is defined as a company selling it’s accounts receivables or it's unpaid invoices to a third party. Usually this third party is a commercial financial company, also referred to as a “factor.” Factoring can guarantee cash flow in as little as 72 hours!


Skip the lengthy business loan application process that you’d go through at a traditional bank and work with Choice Funding instead. All you need to get started are your last three monthly bank statements and a one-page application! Plus our flexible options give you the best chance of approval.


Refinancing allows you to change the terms of a business loan. Your company can benefit in any number of ways — from lowering the interest rate and monthly payment to extending the maturity date of the loan so you have more time to pay it back.


Want to start an Adwords campaign or other marketing campaigns but are short on cash? Choice Funding provides advances for advertising and marketing campaigns with flexible repayment options for publishers and advertisers. Contact us today to see if you qualify!