Become a Referral Partner

What is a Referral Partner?

A referral partner is someone who directs new business to a business in return for a commission. Referral programs are also commonly known as affiliate programs. 

How it works:

  1. The referral partner sets up an account with the provider and gets a unique ID
  2. The referral partner directs new customers to the provider via phone, email, or a direct link
  3. If a customer chooses to do business with the provider, the referral partner receives a commission on their sales; either a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the sale.
  4. The commissions are paid out once a month

Why Partner with Choice?

As a leader in the industry, Choice has the bank relationships and experience to get merchants approved. Our leverage means that you can offer clients better hardware, better rates and more service types. We have a competitive compensation structure for all referral partners.