The FDA Is Regulating E-Cigs

The FDA Is Regulating E-Cigs

The FDA Is Regulating E-Cigs

The FDA Is Regulating E-Cigs. What’s Happening?

The new FDA laws, which will go into effect on August 8th, 2016 indicate that e-cigs, cigars, hookahs and other tobacco products will be regulated in the same way as conventional cigarettes. This means:

Sales to minors (under 18) are strictly prohibited and buyers will now have to show photo ID. Many states already require both, however for those who don’t this will now need to be implemented.

E-cig manufacturers will be required to register their products as well as go through a rigorous safety review conducted by the FDA. They will need to provide a list of ingredients, including any additives whether harmful or not, and proof that their products are safe for consumption.

Current manufacturers have two years to sell their current products while they complete the application, and once the application is submitted to the FDA, one more year while it is being reviewed.

What does it mean for my merchant account?

Ok, so the FDA is regulating e-cigs, but what does that mean for your merchant account? Well, to be completely honest, nothing…if you are with the proper high risk merchant processor. Some processors will be quick to terminate e-cig and tobacco merchants because simply do not want to deal with the headaches of the FDA or what regulations could be implemented in the future. 

However, most high risk merchant processors will still continue to process for those in the tobacco/e-cig industries without any problems. If you have questions regarding your merchant account or would like to switch processors, please read more about our high risk merchant processing here. Also, if you have any general questions regarding processing for tobacco and e-cigs, please feel free to reach out by using the information on our contact page. We’ll be more than happy to help!