Trial & Continuity High Risk Merchant Accounts

high risk merchant accounts

Trial & Continuity High Risk Merchant Accounts

As a leader in the high risk credit card processing industry, Choice Merchant Solutions has been able to provide secure processing solutions to trial & continuity merchants for many years. Since accepting credit and debit cards is a huge component of these businesses, they are lost without a merchant account. Due to a higher level of risk (hence the high risk), these types of merchants are simply not able to make a single phone call and obtain credit card processing services for their business.

Why do they have a hard time getting merchant accounts?

Businesses that offer trial products typically have a hard time getting merchant accounts because of the industry they are in. A high frequency of chargebacks, automatic recurring billing, and other factors discourage banks and underwriters from boarding these types of high risk merchant accounts.

This isn’t true for every business, let alone every type of business. There are thousands and thousands of businesses that use similar business models without problems on a daily basis. It’s unfortunate that these businesses are handicapped by others, and Choice Merchant Solutions is committed to assuring their success by providing a secure, reliable merchant account for their business.

Sometimes trial and continuity businesses have a hard time obtaining merchant accounts because they simply cannot find companies that provide high risk merchant accounts. Many companies have been forced to find processors overseas because domestic processors are unable or unwilling to provide their services for them. As a domestic processor, Choice only provides merchant accounts to domestic (U.S.) businesses.

How can Choice help them get a merchant account?

Choice Merchant Solutions has been working with high risk merchant accounts, trial merchant accounts, and continuity merchant accounts since its inception. We have established ourselves as an industry leader by working with specific institutions that cater to trial offer and continuity business models. This specialization allows us to work with high risk merchant accounts in the most beneficial way possible.

These industries are considered trial and continuity, but vary depending on billing practices, products, and other factors.

  • Nutraceuticals
  • E-Cigarettes
  • Recurring Billing Businesses/Services
  • Adult websites
  • Subscription-based Businesses

There are more business types and industries that can provide their goods in trial sizes, so we won’t provide an exhaustive list here. Needless to say, if you qualify, you’ll know!

What does Choice offer?

Security, reliability, and speed. Choice Merchant Solutions specializes in establishing and protecting trial and continuity merchant accounts from excess risk. This starts with a business consultation, which effectively takes the temperature of a trial or continuity business in preparation for a merchant account. Proper on-boarding procedures ensure that transactions are legitimate transactions within the proper Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes. In addition to the Choice Shield, CB Dispute provides chargeback management software that catches fraud before it happens, which protects the Merchant Identification Number (MID) from fraudulent charges and chargebacks, which can lead to account termination.


Choice Merchant Solutions provides merchants with a virtual terminal that easily allows operators to establish recurring billing for products, subscriptions, or memberships. It is a fantastic service for any business, but works especially well for trial and continuity merchants by tracking transactions and providing detailed reports.

For more information or to learn more about how your trial or continuity business can benefit from a high risk merchant account, fill out our high risk form here and a company representative will contact you before the next business day.

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