CB Chargeback Dispute

CB Chargeback Dispute

It’s late 2013 – Fahid is at home and is just about to eat dinner. His phone rings – it’s one of his clients, Dave, of Dave’s Online Store [names have been changed for privacy], and he is livid.

Dave’s Online Store has been the victim of a chargeback. A chargeback returns payment to the customer, at the expense of the merchant. Some chargebacks are legitimate, originating from stolen information or unauthorized users – but some are just customers that don’t want to pay.

Dave’s chargeback was one of the latter. The customer simply did not want to pay for the product, costing Dave one unit’s sales, as well as the product itself.

Fahid handled the chargeback for Dave, and made sure he was credited the full amount of the sale. One week later he founded CB Dispute with Dave as his first client.


Fahid spoke candidly about balancing his full-time job with running his own company:

It’s not easy! I didn’t quite know what I was getting into at first, but after almost a year in business I can see what a big difference CB Dispute is making for my clients. I’m happy I started my own business, and I couldn’t have done it without Choice!

You can learn more about CB Dispute here.